Tooth Decay

Tooth decay refers to the creation of hollow spaces in teeth and to most people this could be a major menace. This can occur in anyone- men, women, kids or old age citizens. Dental decay is a part in incisors from where the mineral substance has been washed away leaving a hole in the end. Tooth decay can also be referred as ‘cavity’ or ‘dental caries’.
Tooth decay generally occurs when bacteria in our mouth combine with food and drinks that we consume, particularly the high carb foods, to form a sticky plaque which builds on teeth. And with time this plaque produces acidic substances that perishe minerals from teeth causing decay.
However tooth decay can be arrested to a larger magnitude if few basic oral care tips are followed and one is taking good care for his oral health. Here you can find contacts to some very renowned and qualified dental practitioners where you can consult your oral health or you can also shop for a variety of oral care products that will improve your overall oral health.